Industry Solution

Health Care Management System(HCMS)


The technology revolution in the Healthcare industry has gone through many changes through the years. But, the digital evolution has unleashed a convergence of forces that are transforming the healthcare industry broadly and swiftly.

Every new user i.e. patient can register and choose for himself a password. Every physician, pathology labs, radiology labs,and nurses will be given a password by the administrator. So these people must contact the administrator for including them in this web site.

Moreover, the physician can send mails to the drug stores, pathology labs and radiology labs once he examines the patient. Once the patient gets the respective pathology, radiology lab tests done, the pathology and radiology labs can send reports to the respective clinics. Thus, the communication is becoming faster and easy. All this information pertaining to a patient can be stored in the database. So, this information can be used for statistical analysis even.

Enterprise Resource Planning

CS-ERP is a fully integrated business management system that covers functional areas like Sales, Inventory Production, Purchase, Finance and Accounting etc... This system is used to manage the resource to the fullest extend. The integrated features are Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Cash Management, Customer Data Management, Supplier Data Management, Chart of Accounts and many more.

This project aims to automate all the processes that are triggered because of a sales order, For example, based on this sales order the application queries the finished goods inventory and checks with the available requested stock for the product, if the stock is available then based on the distance between the ware house and customer location it generates delivery date along with the invoice.

Telecom IR Solution

In the process of innovation we are developing a product for the Telecom IR(International Roaming) Data clearing Solution.

Cloud Soft Data Clearing comprises standard verification, validation, conversion and processing of roaming billing files in full accordance with the industry requirements, ensuring that files are promptly, accurately and efficiently delivered to the mobile operators. Cloud Soft sets up, tests and operates all the connectivity required with the clients’ roaming partners for the exchange of TAP files. Through Cloud Soft , clients have one single point of access to all roaming partners, other clearing houses and roaming hubs in the market.

To reduce the leakage in roaming revenues due to wrong data exchange and delays in transfer of TAP files, Cloud Soft Data Clearing provides clients with repairs of many TAP errors, configurable validation thresholds plus an online TAP file control tool integrated in the Unity portal. Daily reports are also available for reporting all missing, pending and rejected files.

According to clients’ specific needs, standard data clearing can be enhanced by additional flexible data management services enabling operators to be strongly competitive. An essential service is IOT Check and the possibility to apply IOT repairs. This service prevents incorrectly priced data to enter the billing systems of clients and to send wrongly charged records to roaming partners. Therefore it eliminates revenue loss due to sending undercharged records to roaming partners and prevents subscriber churn due to incorrect charging. This reliable validation performed in strict accordance with the IOT defined in the bilateral roaming agreements allows the definition of several and customised handling scenarios in case of error findings. Moreover, a dedicated team of IOT analysts monitor the cases of IOT discrepancies beyond configurable tolerance levels.